Why Calming Products?

We all want to feel calm and happy and that includes our pets. At Chilloutboo we believe that happy pets make happy owners so our website is full of calming products that support cats and dogs natural needs and behaviours.

59% of UK households own a pet – that’s 34 million animals including 10 million cats and 12 million dogs. Recent studies have shown that more than 40% of cats and dogs will experience anxiety at some stage in their life leading to distressing and sometimes harmful behaviours. At Chilloutboo we aim to supply the perfect calming products to help pet owners provide the right environment through mental and physical stimulation and improved sleep, ensuring their cats and dogs thrive and reducing neurotic behaviours.

Why calming products

How Will I Know That My Cat or Dog is Experiencing Anxiety?

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Our cats and dogs can’t tell us how they are feeling but there are signs that we can look out for. Just like people our cats and dogs have unique personalities so you need to know what your pet’s baseline behaviour is. Any sudden changes in that behaviour could be a sign that they are experiencing anxiety.

Covid meant lockdown and that meant pet owners being at home much more. Cats and dogs may find it difficult to adjust to owners leaving the house more as we return to offices, education, etc. Cats are very sensitive to change and dogs can experience separation anxiety.

A cat that is experiencing anxiety may exhibit any of the following behaviours:

  • Toileting in the house
  • Over-grooming
  • Pacing or restlessness
  • Hiding
  • Decreased appetite
  • Being visibly distressed which could include vocalization, hypervigilance, trembling and drooling

A dog that is experiencing anxiety may exhibit any of the following behaviours:

  • Barking, howling or whining
  • Panting and pacing (even when it’s not hot)
  • Shivering
  • Hiding, running away and/or cowering in the corner of a house
  • Digging
  • Destroying furniture by chewing
  • Over-grooming which may include biting or chewing
  • Decreased appetite
  • Urinating more frequently
  • Restlessness and inability to settle.

The Importance of Feeling Safe and Sleeping Well

We all need to feel safe and sleep well to thrive and live a happy life, and that includes our cats and dogs. Feeling anxious and lacking comfortable sleep can lead to a whole range of physical and mental health problems in our pets. Which is why our calming products are ideal to help combat these problems.

At Chilloutboo we have a selection of specialist anti-anxiety and orthopaedic beds designed to provide the perfect night’s sleep for even the most fussy cats and dogs. They are designed to help cats and dogs feel warm, safe and comfortable which helps to reset their nervous systems and enables them to calm down quicker. They are available in a range of sizes to suit all needs and can also provide support and comfort for older pets or pets recovering from injuries.

In our calming products range, we also have cooling mats for relief in hot summer weather, water fountains that encourage healthy drinking habits and interactive feeding products that encourage foraging behaviours and provide mental stimulation.

All of our calming products are made from the highest quality materials, many with removable and washable covers which mean that you can be confident when you make your purchase that you are buying the best for your beloved pet

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